Monday, October 14, 2013

The Story So Far...AGAIN!

After some fantastic feedback for my rough visuals and the story as it stood-I'm back again. This time I have a reeaaallly rough animatic. Basically, the animatic consists of visuals that tell the story. Is this the final sequencing and composition?--NO. But, I'm hoping this gets me even closer to telling the story I want to tell. Once I'm sure the the basic story plays the way it should-then I will worry more about the composition and sequencing.

NOW, I have been advised not to put my animatic up for everyone to see SO I have put the animatic up for everyone to see!

Films of Inspiration

In my research for this film, I sought out short animated films containing the main character taking a journey. I found that these films help set guidelines for showcasing this kind of narrative in an animated short. So, I thought I'd share a couple I've found so far.

The Reward is an lengthy animated short from The Animation Workshop following an odd couple through a vast adventure. What really struck me with this film was the development of the two main characters throughout the film. I also like the light integration of humor by inserting one-off gags into the 3 montage sequences. They also handled the adventure in a really over-the-top and grandiose manner.

Myosis is a beautifully done experimental animated film from Gobelins taking place in a figurative dream-scape. The main protagonist of the film journeys forth with a heard of salary-men after spending the night with his love. It is that love that humanizes him again and brings him back from the brink. the visuals in this film are absolutely stunning and I really like the way the mixed the more organic and figurative with more literal ideas.

These are just a few of the phenomenal shorts I've come across and I hope to keep researching and finding even more inspiration to draw from.