Saturday, April 26, 2014

It Starts With Sketches: First Pass on Character Design

This is Savannah's first pass on our hero's character design.

I'm partial to the organic and weighty feel of #3. I also like some of the ideas presented in #1. Given my feedback, Savannah's gonna come back with 3 more combining ideas.

Additions to the Crew

I'd like to formally announce the addition of a few key people to our "Heard" team!

Alan OW Barnes is going to work some sound design magic. He is accustomed to telling stories through both sound and visuals. You should see his illustration work on "Big in Japan." Check out his stuff HERE!

Luigi Anderson will be contributing backgrounds/environments ranging from concept art to finished production work as the aesthetic evolves. He is currently working as colorist on Oni Press' comic, "The Auteur." Check out his stuff HERE!

Savannah Alexandra Mirabile is working on character design for our hero. Check out her stuff HERE!