This page serves as an evolution of the film from conception to completion. It's ordered in segments and within those segments in chronological order where it applies.

Character Design

Style Frames



Rough Animation

Line Work



Animation Tests


Concept Drawings 9-16-13

Start with a vast negative space slowly trucking in on the animator at his desk. A bass tone repeats over and over, growing louder as the camera closes in.

Closing in, the animator works with apparent frustration.

The animator's form fades to a rough, anatomical drawing of his character.

Pulling wide, we see his character as part of a mass of rough forms working at desks. Each form listens to the repetitive tones over headphones.

He copies the tone piped into the headphones over and over into sheet music.

His character writes a harmonic tone, breaking the chain of repetitive notes.

He looks up as if searching for something more.

A rough form, strikingly similar to his character, appears and whispers negative thoughts from within the animator's own head.

A second appears and add more negative thoughts of self doubt and inner turmoil.

The negative forms force his head down to continue his work. He fights them off and they dissipate into the abyss as he stands.

Taking off his headphones for the first time he notices all the head phone cords follow a path.

He follows the cords and finds them leading to a far distant figure. He decides to follow them to where the tones are produced.

Shortly into his journey, he discovers that his own cord veers off from the others. He decides to follow his own cords, having faith that it will lead him to his destination.

His cord leads him into some dark woods, where he finds an impassable cliff side.

Contemplating his situation, he takes his length of cord and uses it to scale the cliff.

Atop the hill he finds a gleaming instrument. He takes it and uses it to compose his own tones as he journeys onward.

Finally arriving, he finds the figure is a gargantuan idol with  speaker for a head and a factory at its base.

Entering the factory he finds a mass of forms writing the same notes over and over--creating the initial signal sent out.

He leaves, truly saddened by his discovery.

Gathering his thoughts, he contemplates how wrong he was to take the journey. The negative forms appear and coerce him to returning to his desk where he belongs.
Gathering his resolve, he ties the two in his cord.

Finding his own inner strength, he uses the negative forms to begin scaling the massive structure.

As he climbs, the figure comes to life and begins thrashing around in an attempt to ward him off.

He reaches the top and plugs his instrument into the massive speaker.

We end on his hand raised, about to strike his first note.

Concept Drawings 6-5-13