Thursday, July 9, 2015

All About That Bass

We've been working hard to get in all the rough animation to start cleanup around mid-July. Which means we're putting out resident 3D animator, Djamila Jean-Charles, to good use. She has been tasked with importing in out 3D bass model and animating the model to fit with the rough animation already in place. I go back in a tweak a few things but she does the bulk of the leg-work bringing this bass to life.

It's somewhat new territory bringing this 3D prop into the pipeline and adding a bit of an extra step to the process but I really can't imagine trying to animate that bass any other way. Here's a couple of the most recent shots with the bass added:

^^^This is actually a newer shot just finished by Jordan Eugene.^^^

These other shots I've shown before but it really adds something when you have the bass. Now we will take the rough animation with the model animation and trace clean lines on top of both for the final effect.