Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Upgrades, Updates, and Credits!


Last week I FINALLY upgraded my computer situation moving from my 5 year old HP Z200 Workstation to a NEWly refurbished HP Z230!

On top of the obvious advantages in the long run it means I've been in computer purgatory trying to get my working suite back up and running.

In other news I talked to Alan and he's hell bent on getting this audio DONE in the next week or so. So, hopefully we'll have some audio-related posts and I can breakdown the thought process for the film score and sound design.

Cranking up the progress on audio made me realize I needed to get the credits done so that we can figure out what that will look and sound like at the end of the picture. Here's the rough cut of the credits and, while it took a real effort to cut them down to a minute, I'm way too happy about:

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Shots 83-84 PART 1

I've been working on this shot the past few days and thought I'd run you through my process. At this point the shot(s) are not completed so this'll be a TWO PART!