Monday, February 29, 2016


It's done.

It's finished.

I am ecstatic.

Actually, of all the feelings I could be feeling there's really just an overall sense of relief. It has been a LOOONNGG time coming and like any project this lengthy in the making I'm not overwhelmingly happy at the end. I'm very proud of the work done on the film and everyone's contributions to the final product. There's parts I'm extremely pleased with and there are parts that are the sum of compromise. I think at the end of a long production the best you can really hope for is knowing that you did as well as you could on every aspect of the piece.

Particularly with something like a thesis film or senior film you should always strive to challenge yourself and learn as much as you possibly can. That's one aspect of this project that I am extremely happy with. I challenged the hell out of myself with a tall order on all counts.

I learned A LOT.


I completed the film.

That, in and of itself, is a major accomplishment.


The Bad News: I can't show you the film right now.

Most festivals require that the film is not available to view online so the current version up in the "Story Reel" section is the last version I will be uploading for public consumption for the near future.

HOWEVER, I WILL BE FILM FESTIVALING LIKE NO ONE HAS EVER FILM FESTIVALED!!! More on that soon BUT I did just submit to 10 festivals today!

ALSO just because work on the film is complete DOES NOT mean I will not be updating on this blog. There's still many parts of the process I am going to go into so STAY TUNED FOR MORE BEHIND THE SCENES!

Thursday, February 25, 2016




It has been a hell of a last couple weeks but the polished animation is completely finished and all 100+ shots are accounted for!

These last few have been really tough and I'll be posting them pretty soon but there's no time to rest now. I've got one last environment compliments of Diego as well as sound and rendering on my end ALL IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS!

I've got a couple festival deadlines on the last day of February so CRUNCH TIME IS ON!

Enjoy this title GIF and stay tuned for a whole host of updates coming soon!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Sorry about the bit radio silence, I've been sick the past few weeks and also absolutely swamped because THE FILM IS NEARLY FINISHED!!!

You HEARD right (see what I did there??!?!) I am finishing THE LAST SHOT of the film and if you come to me from Twitter I've been throwing the occasional gif up there BECAUSE IT LOOKS SO COOL!

On top of the last shot I am digging deep into the sound this week and so I'm marathoning THE COMPLETE WORKS OF DON HERTZFELDT to really get into that sound head space because I love his minimal vibrant scoring and immersive, if not subversive, ambiance of his films. I'm already brimming with ideas and I plan to get all kinds of inspiration by his work so fun times will be had by all.

Even tho me doing the sound wasn't my first choice I do love just getting completely wrapped up in the sound design of a piece and this film is perfect for entrenched sound creation. I'm keeping Alan's work on the climax music because he already did a fine job mastering that bit. Gonna try and add some bass kicks to it but that's really it.

I'm HOPING I can get this sound done in the next couple days, render the film out, and get an online screener up by the end of February because there's a couple festival deadlines I need to hit (more on that later).

We will see.

It's a tall order.

I'm gonna do my damndest.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Shot 110 Progress!

Thought you'd enjoy a quick progress gif for this insert shot. Here ya go:

Friday, February 5, 2016

Sneek Peek: Digital Cel Print Test

This is the first print test for digital animation cels from the film. More on that coming later but it's exciting to start test printing.

Shots 91-97 In-Sequence

Been working really hard to clean-up and color the last shots. Finally put these shots in-sequence and with a slight bit of retooling this is pretty final.

I gotta be honest: I've been working on this so long that I can't really judge the timing. My thesis committee liked the timing and it looks only okay to me.

That and shot 94 looks a little staggered. The 360 movement was a right pain and it's animated on twos but I think a lot of it is probably just in my head.