Monday, July 27, 2015


The rough animation stage of the process is completed. There's still a slight bit to tweak here and there including the bulk of the FX animation but I'm calling it!

I'm currently piecing together a rough animation reel and while I see where a few shots need to be slightly re-timed to fit the rhythm of the my edits from the animatic I am hugely relieved to see that the overall cuts and timing works. This is a massive burden off my shoulders--the knowledge I don't have to go back in and figure out how to make everything work differently.

It's coming together however painfully slowly for my taste. FX animation is still stalled and more up in the air than I feel comfortable with but we're working on that.

Here's the last two major shots which I actually had to take out a shot in between and slow these shots down for it to be readable so I'm hoping the change helps.

Things are far from over with this film, in fact it's just ramping up and I wanna thank you all for sticking with us. Sharing the process of making an animated film is a big part of this project and that wouldn't be possible without people to share it with so again THANK YOU!